Harbor Ghost by Beachsloth Music Reviews

Harbor Ghost is an alternative rock band comprised of long-time friends Justin Yost and Kevin MacDonald. Secretly working away in a basement studio for over a year, the two friends whittled away at an album that they believe is unlike anything else you've heard. 

"When we first sat in my studio, we only imagined we'd pump out a single song. We had talked about creating something that sounded like the music we loved growing up while also letting our own styles show through," says Justin. 

"Then, after working through potential ideas for that one song, the album's title track just came out of nowhere. And then another came, and another, and then another. It quickly went from a single to an EP, to holy shit, we have an entire album on our hands," shares Kevin. 

That album, eventually titled "Existing Between the Grey, A Silver Glow," may just be what modern rock fans ordered, featuring electrifying guitar riffs, pounding drums, and soaring synths. From the immediate punch to the mouth of "Tunnel Panic" to the head-bopping single "The New You," each track on the album is a testament to the band's talent and creativity. 

"The immediate motto of the writing process was "no rules" because our entire music lives, we'd been told "no" explains Justin. Producers hated our transitions or didn't like a riff; they would think an entire part was awful, and we'd shrink. To be fair, those guys saved us from many bad songs in our teens. But as adults, we wanted to give ourselves the freedom to do whatever the fuck we wanted. And because we recorded the entire album ourselves, no one else was there to tell us no." 

"Existing Between the Grey, A Silver Glow" represents the band's musical prowess and newly found freedom. With each track telling a story of loss, heartbreak, and the constant search for redemption, Harbor Ghost's album is unapologetically raw, packing a massive punch through its 13 tracks. 

"We joked throughout the process that we were writing on "easy mode" because songs just started flowing out of us." We literally were writing and recording an entire song in one day. It would be 3AM, Kevin and I would be utterly drunk on whiskey cokes, and we would be tracking vocals for some song that didn't even exist 6 hours ago." 

"Believe it or not, many of the vocals on the album took place during late nights just like that. And I wouldn't have it any other way because not only were those takes always our best, but they were the most honest," explains Kevin. 

While some may be surprised at the breadth of styles on their debut album, Harbor Ghost is a band on the rise, and with this album, they are sure to captivate audiences worldwide. Buckle up, sit tight, and get ready to experience the haunting melodies and raw energy that is Harbor Ghost.